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Jon Hernandez.19 going on 20. Rapper. Just living life.

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I find it crazy that the people who I trusted, the people who I’ve been 100% real with since day one would turn their back on me. I know it’s not the end of the world this isn’t going to kill me. What kills me is how dumb, embarrassed and betrayed I feel. Growing up I’ve always felt I was an outcast. I always felt I didn’t belong, that my existence didn’t matter. That I could disappear and nobody would really care. I’ve always just wanted to be accepted, and for a while I felt like I did. For once I felt things were okay. I was finally just getting by. Now I’m back to that social anxiety ridden kid. People hate me and I’ve learned to accept that.

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A track I covered give it a listen!

Yo guys listen to my single off my mixtape.

Head before bed. Can’t complain.

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